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So Uninspired

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sorry for the lack of meaningful postings lately. I'm in a funk right now. Some not-so-good things are going on at the moment. So, I'm highly uninspired, but trying to not give up. Taking it one day at a time and praying for strength. I missed the registration deadline for the Grasslands Trail Half-Marathon, so I won't be running this weekend. Well, I'll be running, but not a race. To atone, I signed up for the Texas Half, which will be run next weekend, April 3. This will be my first race that counts towards my Half2Run challenge of running a half marathon in at least 25 states. If you know of any half marathons in your state, please let me know, and if it's not listed on the Half2Run site, I can get it listed. I have also registered for the Lancaster Country Ride on April 9. Good Lord. What am I doing!?!? 62 miles is what all my friends are going for. I'm scared. I have a 42 mile option, but dang...go all out right? Oh, and as a reminder, please make a donation. Robert is now at 75% of his London Flora Marathon sponsorship goal for raising money for Tommy's Baby Charity in memory of his daughter Annabelle, who was stillborn two and a half years ago. Please help him in any way you can to reach his final goal. It's easy to make a donation!.

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