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Friday, Friday, Friday!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Oh Boy! Only 1 more hour left until the weekend starts. I'll actually probably try to sneak out just a little early. Shhh.... Kids are spending the night at the in-laws tonight. Meeting a couple of girlfriends for a drink, and then headed home. Hopefully not out too late tonight...I have to be in Lancaster at 8 am (that's like 45 minutes away!) to ride 42 miles starting at 9 am. Yes...ONLY 42 miles. My procrasination habit has bitten me in the @$$ (again) and I didn't get a road bike (the one I wanted/could afford was sold) in time for this weekend's ride. So, rather than the preferred distance of 62 miles, I'll cut it short since I'll be on my slower, heavier, friction-laden mountain bike. Forgive me please for those lost 20 miles... Then, Saturday night it's a Martini Birthday Party! Not my birthday...actually I don't even know the birthday girl. A friend of a friend kind of thing. Still, if there are martini's involved, I'm in! My favorite drink. Have a great weekend world!

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