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I ran the Big D Texas Half!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

YAY ME! I ran the whole way and finished in 2:54:27 (according to my watch...we'll see what my "official chip time" is later). Whew! I was doing a 13 min mile through mile 8 and feeling really good. I started to slow down a little after some big hills (big hills for Dallas) through miles 9 & 10. Then 11 to the finish was tough. Near the end there I wanted to stop and walk, but I was really shooting for a sub-3 hour finish, and I was so close I wasn't about to let myself quit! Woo Hoo! I made it to the end with barely enough gas in the tank to get across the finish. And, I got my 3rd finishers medal. I have 3 now! So, if you Dallas-ites see a green VW Jetta with medals hanging from the rear-view mirror...wave! it's me! Then, after I finished I did something nice for someone else. This older lady looked lost in the parking lot, and I asked her if she lost her car. She said she had and didn't know where it was and the area wasn't looking familiar to her. So, after I got in my car, I looked for her to see if she had found it yet. She was still walking around looking very perplexed, so I drove up and asked her if she'd like me to drive her around. She got in, and after talking with her for a few minutes, I realized she was on the complete opposite side of the lot than where she had parked. I drove her back across the lot and within a few minutes we found her car...with Florida plates! Glad I could help someone in need. Do something nice for someone today...it will make you feel good.

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