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So if I'm training for a marathon, that means I really have to run, right?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Oh boy... So, I said I was going to run a full marathon Oct 23 in San Francisco. The Nike Women's Marathon. You can register for a training log on their NikeRunning.com site. I have a seperate mileage log that I've been keeping up with since the beginning of the year, so I put my miles in there pretty faithfully (especially since that log calculates my pace based on time/distance). BUT, the NikeRunning.com site will actually create a training schedule for you to tell you WHEN to run. I kinda haven't logged in since I registered, and so I've kinda missed a couple of runs. Ok, so no kinda about it. BUT, I am now going to be paying better attention to my scheduled runs. I ran 2.2 last Thursday, did 4 hours of yard work Saturday, bounced in the bouncy-house on Sunday, and ran 5.2 last night. Technically I've only missed 3 runs. I'm supposed to run 2 tonight which shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and I like my new Brooks running shoes too. They're very comfy. I can definitely recommend them.

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  • I came across your site while on BE and wanted to say hi siince I'm in Plano, too :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/20/2005 11:56:00 PM


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