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And I didn't do a darn thing today...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sad when you consider 8:00 am 'sleeping in'. I lazed around before finally rolling out of bed at 8:45 for good measure. Sipped some coffee for a bit before jumping in the shower and taking the kids and my sister to breakfast. My sister will be staying with me again for about a week. My mom is out of town, and even though she's the 'good one' in the family, my sister doesn't like being home alone. Breakfast was a Chives Omelete. Bacon, tomatoes, chives and cream cheese, surrounded by fluffy, yummy eggs. MMM good. Didn't get as much of the Saturday crossword done as I would have liked. :( Home in time for a brief eye-close, but no snooze, before readying myself for a birthday party. One of my friends' daughter was turning 2! She's finally started to get hair, and she looked just adorable. And, her little brother (well, age wise...kid is 7 months and 22 pounds! lots of rolls!) was just adorable. I love babies! They smell so good, and they're soft and kissable. Though I'm glad all my friends are having them now and not me! I can 'kiss and run' with their kids! Took a true little snooze back at home. Had my favorite Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. Falafel and More. Lamb kebabs and a cheese pie. Good good good. Up early in the morning again...have a 2-hour run starting at 6 am. Weather forecast for tomorrow morning: 72 F and 84% humidity...ahhhh. Refreshing. Let's hope that 5 mph breeze offers some slight relief. Gotta love Texas...or not.

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  • Reading through the food you listed above makes me hungry again and I just finished the post-ride meal! Evil Egg! Evil Egg! ;)

    By Anonymous donutman, at 6/12/2005 12:36:00 PM


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