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Marathon training, Week 5

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I stayed up too late last night...but I still managed to wake up with my alarm at 4:50 this morning. Yawn... My knee was tender, and twinged a bit when I walked, but I put on my running shoes nevertheless and headed out the door at 5:30. Drove down to meet the rest of the Run On! group. I arrived a bit early, so a few 'Hi, how are you's' were exchanged before we started out. Today was a 2:20 run. Yep, just like what I did last week...when I wasn't supposed to. I was a little nervous because of the difficulty I had last week, and the fact that my knee was bothering me. Plus, the humidity this morning was AWFUL, around 70% at 6 am. So, we started off, and I tried to hang in as best as I could. After I warmed up a bit, about a mile or so in, my knee didn't hurt at all anymore, even though my quads were still a bit stiff. So, I eased into my run, worked my breathing and my pace, watched my fluid intake and Gu replacement and did rather well. My hips started to hurt around 1:40, and pushing past that 'wall' that I seem to hit at that point was difficult. I only stopped to walk twice...once up a hill at the very end, and once with the lady I had been pacing with the entire run. She stopped, so I stopped to stay with her. Finished the run in 2:17:43, and ran ~11.4 miles. Right on a 12 minute pace for the long run, again. I'd like to be going faster, but I know with the heat and humidity, I would kill myself. I felt like I actually could have run a bit longer today, so that's a good sign. Oh, and another thing...I found a new favorite quote today for use when I'm running..."I'm built for comfort, not for speed." ;) Now I'm sweaty, stinky, tired and hungry. So, I'm off to enjoy another hot shower. Oh, and lest the previous post's pictures frighten you, I promise I do dress nice, and sometimes I look rather normal. Oooh, and love the blue nail polish don't you? :)

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