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Poker Night: Redux

Friday, July 08, 2005

Tonight: The ladies will gather. Cards will be shuffled. Snacks will be eaten. Beer will be drank. Much gossip and smack-talking will occur. The man of the house tear at his hair, and then scurry and hide from the estrogen-soaked atmosphere. In his media room he will cower, his DVD collection and XBox keeping him sufficiently testosteronized until the female invaders leave his abode. Oh, and I'll win again...oh yes, I will. Bwah ha ha!
Update: We gathered, we shuffled, we ate, we drank, we gossiped and talked lots of smack. The only time we saw the man of the house was when we needed him to take a picture. Men are good for a few things. I got way behind in the chip count. Down to just $150. Then, I made my comeback. All-in. All-in. All-in. Finally, I had the chip lead firmly in hand. And then it happened. "Look at the time." the other girls said. "It's so late." they said. "All right, fine, lets everyone go all-in, one final hand for all the marbles." I said. So, all-in everyone went. That's why they call it gambling folks. Sadly, my jacks didn't stand up against Kim's queens. Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Next time! Gotta relinquish my crown every now and then so they let me keep playing, ya know. ;)

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