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Today's agenda is nearly complete

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Whew! So far I'm doing great on my agenda for the day! Basketball practice: check. Z had a great practice. Luckily it didn't get rained out; we only had a sprinkling of rain this morning. Mow lawn: check. Mowed, edged, weed-whacked (until I lost my weed-whacker-string...now I have to go to Sears to get more), pulled weeds from the weed-beds, swept the sidewalk, and fed remaining bushes in weed-beds. I spent three hours outside total. It wasn't too hot at the start because it was still overcast. Then, once the sun did come out, I was pulling weeds from the beds, and was mostly in shade. The cicadas and birds were singing. Stragely, even though I live close to a major street, I heard no traffic noise. It was actually quite relaxing. And, I'm pleased with the results. Although one side of my beds grow bigger than the others...and I don't know why. I put some plant food in the little beds, hoping they'll grow. But, my plan is to rip it all out in the fall anyway and start over. At least I'll have a good 'before' picture! InterstellarCasa Get rid of kids: check. Dad came to pick them up promptly at noon. Bathe dogs: check, check, re-check. Bathed Tori first, then she went and rolled in the dirt while I was bathing Wrigley. So, finished bathing Wrigley, put her in the kennel. Re-bathed Tori, put her in her kennel. Laid out a blanket, brought Wrigley inside and brushed her till she's was sooo pretty. The brought Tori inside and brushed about a pound of hair off of her. She's a shedder. The both look great! Tori is the little one, and she's 7. Wrigley is the big one (she's really just a 70 pound lap dog...), and she'll be a year in mid-July. Tori & Wrigley Shower: check. Aaaah. I feel clean! And, I no longer smell like gasoline, sweat and wet dog. Maybe I could bottle that scent... Nap...not yet. Did make myself a tuna sandwich though. That tasted yummy. But I'm still hungry...gotta go raid the pantry. At least the house is silent...well, sort of. Wrigley's snoring. Plan for the rest of the day...veg.

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