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Thursday, August 04, 2005

I woke up this morning and evidently didn't have my head screwed on straight. Yeah, how I managed to get dressed is still a mystery, and I made it out the door with everything...except my breakfast and a GU. I was running hills this morning. Needed fuel and didn't get it. I also couldn't tell time, so when looking at the clock inside, I was convinced that I had at least 20 minutes to get to the hill location. Well, when I walked out the door, I must have entered some kind of time warp, because as soon as I got in my car, I only had 10 minutes. The drive to the hill location is 10 minutes. I get enough good-natured teasing crap from a couple of the guys in the group...I don't need my tardiness to give them fodder for the fire. Through the warm-up I still felt sort of dazed and confused. My legs felt really tight, so after I finished the warm-up, I skipped the first hill set in lieu of stretching. It was worth it. We were running 9 sets. About half-way through, I decided I needed to make up for the one set I skipped, so I took less rest between sets and tried to catch up. I don't know if I did or not. I kind of lost count through the pain. I think I might still owe one hill. :( Again, fodder for the fire. If I'm going to suck in Colorado, it's not going to be because I didn't do the training! :) I didn't quite wake up until we were done. I still feel kind of foggy today. Not sure what that's all about. I got a good night's rest...I know I was asleep before 10 last night. I'll stop whining now though.

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