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The Last Hill Workout

Thursday, August 11, 2005

YAY! Done with Hill Work! Today was the last hill workout posted on our marathon training schedule. Next Thursday I leave for Colorado, so I'll get in a few hills there, but no more hill repeats! After Colorado we start alternating Yasso's with Mile-repeats on Thurdays. Once I figure out exactly what those are, I'm sure I'll wish I were running hills instead. But, despite despising hill workouts, I had a great workout today! We ran 11 repeats. I finished these in 44:50, for an average pace of 10:10. Yeah, but that's all because I can really speed up on the down-hills. Gravity is on my side. ;) I finally got smart and measured the distance I run. .2 miles uphill, then back down. So, each repeat is .4 miles total. 4.4 miles today. Plus I added on a little 5 minute cool-down. Whew! Now I'm stinky and need a shower!

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