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Everything you wanted to know, then some

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

((CURRENT. ..)) Current Clothes: black khakis/jacket and sheer cream top Current Mood: sleepy Current Music: none Current Hair: my own :) oh, it's down Current Smell: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy, Eucalyptus Spearmint Current Desktop Picture: Zen Garden Current Favorite Artist: Monet Current Favorite Group: not a 'favorites' type of person when it comes to music...I like a little bit of it all Current Book: 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed Current CD in CD Player: Depeche Mode (in car) Current DVD in DVD Player: none Current Color Of Toenails: Electric Blue Current Refreshment: Aquafina & Jello pudding Current Worry: Not really worried about anything. ((FAVORITES. ..)) Color: Blue Foods: hummous Drink: martini Album: Varies by mood Shoes: My shiny black stiletto sandals Candy: Dark Chocolate Animal: dogs TV Show: ER, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me Song: There are so many! Vegetable: spinach Fruit: strawberries Cartoon: Tom & Jerry ((ARE YOU. ..)) Understanding: To a fault Open-minded: Most of the time Arrogant: occasionally Insecure: about some things Interesting: I'd like to think so Easily Amused: Very; sometimes I'm the only one laughing Random: Frequently, it's my ADD Hungry: Just ate a veggie burger and fries Friendly: Most of the time Smart: Of course (see, I am arrogant) Moody: Occasionally Childish: I can be A good kisser: Never had a complaint Independent: Very Healthy: more healthy than I used to be Emotionally Stable: Most of the time Shy: No Difficult: I can be Bored Easily: Depends on what I'm doing Messy: sporadically Thirsty: depends on what for Responsible: most of the time Obsessed: with??? Angry: not anymore Sad: sometimes Happy: the majority of the time Hyper: I can be Trusting: I'm skeptical at first I think, but my trust can be earned Talkative: Yes ((WHO DO YOU WANT TO. ..)) Kill: No one Slap: There are a few on the list Tickle: my kids Look Like: I dunno, what do you think? Kiss: my kids Hug: my kids ((HAVE YOU EVER. ..)) Been kissed? yes Been kissed in the rain? I don't recall Eaten an entire package of Oreos? no Been on stage? yes Dumped Someone? yes Gotten in a car accident? yes Been in love? yes ((FAVORITE. ..)) Shampoo? L’Oréal’s VIVE Hi-Light Boosting Toothpaste? Arm & Hammer Soap? Suave Vanilla & Brown Sugar Room in your house? Bedroom Instrument? oboe Flower? I like the mixed bouquets Piece of jewelry? An old ring that belonged to my great-grandmother Piece of clothes? My Old Navy loungewear ((EITHER/OR. ..)) Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee Big or little?: what? New or old? old Sweater or sweatshirt? sweater Wool or cotton? cotton Oldies or pop? neither? Rock-n-roll Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes Do you want a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes Do you have a best friend? yes Are they the same person? no ((IN THE LAST 24 HOURS HAVE YOU. ..)) Cried?: no Bought something? yes, food Gotten sick? no Kissed someone/been kissed: yes Gone to the movies? no Gone out for dinner? no Said "I love you"? to my kids Written a real letter? no Moved on? from??? Talked to an ex? yes Missed an ex? no Talked to someone you have a crush on? yes Had a serious talk? no Missed someone? yes Hugged someone? yes Fought with your parents? no Fought with a friend? no Helped someone? yes ((DO YOU. ..)) Eat with your mouth open? no If you got a tattoo, where would you get it? on the small of my back What color is your floor/carpet in your room? tan What was the last CD you bought? Depeche Mode Are you lonely? No Are you happy? Yes Are you wearing pajamas? No Are you talking to someone online? No What is your astrological sign? Sagittarius

9/20/2005 01:32:00 PM :: ::
  • I was totally going to ask what CD you were listening to and what your favorite cartoon was in your questions post, but thought they were silly.

    I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste some. Love Old Navy!

    By Blogger Bone, at 9/20/2005 01:57:00 PM


  • Great answers...I think I know all about you now!

    By Blogger Jean-Luc Picard, at 9/20/2005 01:58:00 PM


  • What? No SSN? No Credit Card info? Who comes up with these things?

    Glad to know you don't want to kill anyone. :)

    By Anonymous abbynormal, at 9/20/2005 05:01:00 PM


  • Depeche Mode?
    Are they still alive?

    By Blogger annie, at 9/20/2005 06:56:00 PM


  • Thank God you reminded me!! Season premier of Nip/Tuck tonight. Everyone must watch! It's an hour and a half long!!! Whohoo!

    Yes Depeche Mode is still alive as much as the lead singer has tried to kill himself. I think they were supposed to tour soon.

    By Blogger Carnealian, at 9/20/2005 06:58:00 PM


  • P.S. I think we may be twins separated at birth. Scary huh? Mebbe it's just the Sag in us!

    By Blogger Carnealian, at 9/20/2005 07:02:00 PM


  • LOL, i loved Tom and Jerry as a kid. Haven't watched Nip & Tuck, however.

    great list!!

    By Blogger Laura, at 9/20/2005 07:39:00 PM


  • Nip/Tuck previews are kinda scary this time.

    Great list can I ask how long it took you to type it all?

    By Blogger Beanhead, at 9/20/2005 08:23:00 PM


  • That was fun to read, certainly makes you look at yourself --find out anything new about yourself?
    What did you do on stage?
    Did you play the Oboe when you were a youngster ?

    I learnt to play the Clarinet but not very well. I might use your list on my blog-something to do and fill a space eh ;-) I'm a cheapscate

    Other burning question, did you come over to the UK for a holiday?

    By Blogger The Wisdom of Wislon, at 9/21/2005 03:18:00 AM


  • Bone: There are no silly questions! A&H rocks!

    JLP: Thanks!

    Abby: I deleted those questions. ;) I've been tempted, but I was able to calm down and move them from 'kill' to 'slap'.

    Annie: It's a remix CD. It's still cool.

    Carn: OMG! Wasn't that an awesome episode last night! I started to freak out there at the beginning. Thank goodness it was just a dream! Althought I got pissed at all the stupid Sony previews they were showing.

    Laura: I like how dumb Tom is, but every now and then Jerry gets his too!

    Beanhead: The season looks to be a good one! A little freaky, but I can't wait! Didn't take too long to type up.

    Golide: I took dance as a kid, so I had lots of recitals, and I was in a couple of plays during school as well. I didn't play the oboe, but it has a haunting sound that I like. I played the trombone. Not very sexy. I have come to the UK twice. Once for a long holiday, and once for a quickie. ;)

    By Blogger InterstellarLass, at 9/21/2005 10:39:00 AM


  • IL I was loving every minute of that show last night. I had to tape it because 10 is late but 11:30? I remember up to the fat lady. For the love!

    By Blogger Carnealian, at 9/21/2005 11:02:00 AM


  • When I buy clothes I'm definitely an Old Navy kinda guy.

    Where's Lost? It's the best show on TV, bar none.

    By Blogger FTS, at 9/21/2005 03:42:00 PM


  • Tom and Jerry rocks!

    By Blogger mattandriver, at 9/21/2005 08:58:00 PM


  • I loved this!! It's one of the better ones I've come across. Spinach, really?

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 9/22/2005 11:24:00 AM


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