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Waitin' for the Weekend...

Friday, September 09, 2005

My weekends have been chock-full of activity. Used to be weekends were for sleeping in, eating a late breakfast, reading the paper, occasionally shopping for something specific, tidying up here and there, and being generally lazy. Not lately. I can't remember when the last time was that between Friday night and Sunday night I had absolutely nothing to do. I realize that this is a good thing, but come Monday morning lately I've felt more tired from the weekend than refreshed for the week. This weekend will be no exception. Elle starts her soccer season tomorrow. Her first game of her second season. Based on what I've seen in practices, she looks like she's catching on and gaining more coordination. She was the tallest girl on her team, but evidently an Amazon had a child around the same time as me, and she's been put on our team. Half a head taller and looks to be 10 pounds heavier than my little darling.
Update:Elle had a great game! She scored one goal and almost had another one! They didn't win, but it was a great improvement over last year's first game.
Then Elle, Zed and I will enjoy a nice breakfast at our local mom-n-pop diner.
Update:Check. Almost a good breakfast. My scrambled eggs had a lot of shell in them. I couldn't finish them...I almost puked. But the English muffin with orange marmalade helped.
Depending on if I get up early or not, the afternoon will most likely be reserved for a mowing my lawn. It's been almost three weeks...I can barely see my front door from the street. OK, this is a slight exaggeration. But I think I saw a bird disappear into the foliage yesterday.
Update:Done. An hour and two lawn debris bags later and I can see my front door again.
My grandparents are taking Elle to an FC Dallas soccer game at the new Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. Zed is either going to spend the evening with my mom or sister. Each kid likes to have a little 'alone' time where all the attention from whomever can be focused on them. It's amazing how good they can be when they're one-on-one. I'll have dinner with Nick and probably play a cut-throat game of Trivial Pursuit (I'll win of course). Then, to bed early for me because I have a 3:40 run on Sunday. I'm hoping for at least 18 miles again. I had two good runs this week, so hopefully that will continue over into Sunday's run.
Update:Last night Nick and I went to Starbucks. I did the crossword and he read. No Trivial Pursuit action. Then pizza for dinner. Today's run started out well. I was feeling good through the first twelve miles. The last six were kind of a blur. I think I got a little delirious from the pain. I managed to get in 18.2 miles in 3:40:45. Not a fast pace, but it got me over the line. I took another ice bath toay. That was a chilling experience to day the least, and reminded me why I don't take them that often. I drove over to my grandparent's house to get my kids. I was too tired to drive an hour and a half by myself to get to the safari and my legs couldn't handle sitting in the car that long. I ended up taking a nap on the couch with my grandmother and Elle. I took the kids to Fuddruckers for some not-so-good-for-you-but-oh-so-tasty burgers, then to the mall, then to Barnes & Noble, and now we're all being quiet again before dinner. I haven't watched any of my rental movies, nor touched my knitting. I'm too tired to concentrate.
After my run on Sunday, I'll be taking the kids on a safari. Whew! I'm already tired! And there's more on the list. I have three movies sitting on top of my TV to watch...thank goodness Blockbuster Online just keeps charging me my monthly rental fees...I've had a couple of them for quite awhile. Really, it would have been cheaper for me to buy these movies by now. I've got Garden State, A Day Without a Mexican, and 13 Going on 30. I also have a knitting project (or four) sitting on hold. Summer time is just too warm to knit. I was going to make a jumper and hat set for my girlfriend Michelle's new baby. Well, good thing I planned on making it big...at this rate it'll be done by the time he's two.

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