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Travel Day

Friday, October 21, 2005

Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe today is here! Both of my kids are packed up. Tonight they'll spend the night with their grandfather (Zed) and great-aunt (Elle). Their dad will get them tomorrow afternoon, and they'll spend the rest of the weekend with him, Sunday night included. He was a bit peeved when he found out that I wasn't coming back till Monday. Tough shit I thought. *evil me* My bags are (mostly) packed. I have a list of everthing else that needs to be put in the suitcases. Well, one suitcase, one carry-on bag. My running stuff is going with me in the carry-on. At least I'll be able to run the race even if they lose my bags! I'm so emotional today! I've already started crying twice! Get a grip Lass! But I'm smiling too. My energy feels up! I'm ready to tackle this! Now I just have to get through the plane ride...ugh!

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