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Thursday Thirteen, XIII

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thirteen Things about the Blogging Year of Interstellar Lass. Today is my Blogiversary! One year ago today, Interstellar Adventures was born. Here are Thirteen (or round-abouts) Posts for your reading pleasure.
1. My friends are the most fantastic people I know. We're all very different, with different pursuits but when we get together, it all fits. 2. I wrote about a memory I have of my pampaw. This is my grandfather that fell over Thanksgiving at my house. 3. When you're in a funk and have no creativity to post, always go with the jokes. I thought this was quite funny. Fortunately my son didn't teach me most of these. Only #3 and #15 sound familiar. 4. My first blog nasty pissed me off and so then I went on a bit of a rant. At first, I thought I had to justify my blog, but then I realized, nope, I don't. It's for me. 5. Ahhh, the start of marathon training! 6. After my first blogging milestone, I posted 100 things about me. 7. I wrote about my great-grandfather. I miss my great-grandparents. 8. Ah, my Mission Trip Trilogy. Work Hard, Work Harder, and Work Hard with a Vengance. 9. Oh, and then there was the time... 10. I accomplished two major milestones in one month. Ran my marathon. Introduced kids to Nick. 11. I wrote about my darling, sweet, kind, thoughtful, loving, romantic, good-looking, funny, caring, darling...OK, I'll stop now...fiance. 12. We wrapped up the month and the year with a great Christmas. 13. My first bl*gging year was great. I had fun doing it. I hope you all had fun reading it. Come back soon why don'tcha?!?! Links to other Thursday Thirteens! 1. Dariana 2. Carnealian 3. Jade 4. Ardice 5. Mar 6. Uisce 7. Colleen @ LooseLeaf 8. Jennifer's Thinking 9. Texas Ivy 10. Leanne 11. Chickadee 12. Kelly 13. Squashed Toad 14. Wendy 15. Audra 16. Catherine 17. Running 2Ks 18. Bone 19. Confessions of a Busy Mom 20. SnapHappyMom
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