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The road to El Paso is lined with dirt

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cooler: check. Suitcases: check. Coffee: check. Kids off to school: check. One final stop at Wal Mart and we were off. The rain and morning rush hour traffic slowed us down some. The rain didn't clear for almost an hour. But when it stopped raining, Nick let go his death-grip off the door handle. He said "It's not you I don't trust...it's those other dumbasses.".
Nick and I yukkin' it up in the car with our new His & Hers travel mugs. Lass Nick
I did most of the driving on the way there. I did get to take a bit of a break in the afternoon and have a look at the "scenery". Cactus, hills, cotton fields, oil fields, dirt, mountains, and road. Between the Sudoku, music, conversation with my fabulous hubby and a bit of a nap, we managed to make the drive in just ten and a half hours.
The skies are finally clearing as Nick brings us in closer to El Paso. Clearing Skies Nick Takes Over To El Paso
More scenery along the way. Oil drills a.k.a. Grasshoppers. Cotton fields. Mountains. Boracho Station. More mountains. Grasshoppers Cotton Fields Mountains Drunk Station More Mountains
We arrived at his dad's house at about 5:30 El Paso (Mountain) Time. Nick's dad is a dear old man. He's 85 and just about as adorable as can be. He's almost completely deaf, even with his hearing aid. Nick and his brother both "talk" to him by writing on dry-erase boards. But, I guess my voice waves are at the right wave length that he was able to understand a bit of what I said if I said it loud enough. My first experience with "real" Mexican food was at an old favorite of Nick's family. La Casita is a place where Nick grew up eating. He and his family know the owners, and they were happy to see him after so long. I perused the menu, expecting dishes and descriptions with which I was not familiar. But there they were. Tamale. Chile Relleno. Enchilada. I gave one of the combination plates a try. Even the chips that hit the table looked the same. I do admit the salsa was a bit more caliente than the salsas presented around here. It was definitely freshly made, not served out of a jar. Mira...it's the almost same sh*t. There were a few slight differences in El Paso Mexican Food and Plano Mexican Food. But the taste wasn't overwhelmingly different. I didn't sit up and say "Oh my gosh! This is what I've been missing my whole life!". Now, I guess since Nick grew up on the "real" stuff, he's more sensitive to the differences. Perhaps his palate is more refined than mine (when it comes to Mexican food). I mean, it was good and all, but I didn't see the big deal. After dinner, back at Pop's house, we chatted, had coffee and a Dunkin' Donut for dessert. Nick and his dad are both fans of Dunkin' Donuts. We haven't had those in our area in quite awhile. So it was just a nice, relaxing evening at home after our long drive. To be continued...

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  • You're making me hungry!! 10 hours, in the car, nuthin but road...glad you guys were still yukking it up after that!

    By Blogger Carnealian, at 2/08/2006 10:07:00 AM


  • Sounds like it was a good trip meeting Nick's dad! Dunkin' Donuts? Those still exist?

    By Anonymous AbbyNormal, at 2/08/2006 12:29:00 PM


  • OK.. I'm jealous... Dunkin' Donuts... something I've never tasted... even after a few trips to the States....

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time.. glad you are home safe after all that travelling....

    By Anonymous Carol-anne, at 2/08/2006 12:37:00 PM


  • lol, you go all the way to el paso for dunkin donuts!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/08/2006 01:04:00 PM


  • You two look so good together!
    Dunkin Donuts is Everywhere in this town. In fact, they're almost all over Florida in every major city. There's a main road that has three of them on that one stretch alone. They make good coffee too!

    I think Krispy Kreme is better tho. Their glazed donuts just melt in your mouth and also all over the fingers.

    By Anonymous Laura, at 2/08/2006 06:06:00 PM


  • Ah, the open road and a lit cigar! I love it.
    You guys look very happy and deservedly so.


    By Blogger michaelm, at 2/08/2006 08:13:00 PM


  • Great start...now I am hungry though! :) Can't wait to hear the rest. Cool pictures!

    By Blogger Twist of Kate, at 2/08/2006 11:24:00 PM


  • Love the coffee mugs. Even though the pics are of you seperate, you guys are such a great looking couple. You both look happy.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 2/09/2006 09:29:00 AM


  • Gotta love road trips... but driving through west Texas is *almost* as bad as Kansas. Not quite, though. at least the ground does go up and down a bit, plus there's some trees to break up the horizon. ;)

    By Blogger FTS, at 2/09/2006 10:06:00 AM


  • Those pictures look very familar to me! I posted some on my old blog when I took my trip. The scenery is beautiful on the way there huh?! Did y'all travel I-10 most of the way there?

    So glad y'all had a great trip!

    Happy Thursday!

    By Blogger Texas_Ivy10, at 2/09/2006 11:32:00 AM


  • What great pictures! That looks like so much fun, it makes me want to take a road trip. :-)

    By Blogger Jen, at 2/09/2006 05:29:00 PM


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