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The Lost Suit

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Elle and Zed spent Friday night with the Ex's aunt. Then, we picked them up Saturday morning. Their clothes didn't leave their suitcases. Hey, his month...his laundry. When she was getting ready for soccer, Elle pulled out her swim suit from her dad's house, and showed it to me. Uh huh. That's pretty. Now put it back so you don't lose it. Sunday...kids go back to their dad's. Monday... Tuesday... Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Hey, I just wanted to remind you that Elle has soccer practice today at 6. The Ex: OK. Oh hey. Did Elle leave her swim suit at your house? We can't find it and they're supposed to go to Mega Water Park tomorrow. Me: Not that I know of. She showed it to me on Saturday, but put it right back in her suitcase. The Ex: Well, we've looked all over my place and we can't find it. Me: Well, I'll look when I get home, but we didn't take anything out of the suitcase we didn't put back in. End Call. Later, I got an email that due to the broiling temperatures, soccer practice was cancelled. Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Elle's practice was cancelled. The Ex: OK, thanks for letting me know. Me: Did you find her swim suit? The Ex: No, not yet. End Call. I called Nick on my way home. Ring Ring! Nick: Hey baby. What's up? Me: Oh hey, you're home already. Would you look in Elle's room for her swim suit? The Ex can't find it. Nick: Sure, no problem. End Call. I arrive home. Nick: Hey darlin'. Sound of smacking-knock-you-off-your-feet-welcome-home-kiss Me: Feeling light-headed Well hello to you too. Did you find Elle's suit? Nick: Nope. Looked in her room and in the laundry. I didn't see it. Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Hey, we looked for Elle's suit but couldn't find it. The Ex: OK. Well, I forgot to look in her suitcase, but if I can't find it, I'll go to Wal-Mart and get her one. Me: You didn't even look in her suitcase after I mentioned twice that I saw it in there over the weekend? The Ex: I forgot. Me: Major sigh OK. Tell the kids I love them. End Call. He didn't even look in the suitcase!

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