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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The truck is unpacked and now all I have to do is re-organize everything. Whew! It was frustrating there for a bit, but hopefully I'll be happier with the end product. No, not my house silly! My blog! It's all very plain right now and some of my "features" are missing, but I'm muddling through it and it doesn't appear anything is lost. I'll give you the new URL when I'm all done! Mwah!
Update: I think I'm done! Please come see me here and update your blogroll!

Weekly Rant

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Looks like I might have to make this a weekly or semi-weekly feature. I usually try to let things go, but I ruminate on them and then it just kind of gets to me. So perhaps by expunging them here, I'll feel better. You may have heard, but on Sunday, some jackass hijacked a big rig truck and a police chase ensued. The chase started in Fairview, TX, which is about 10 minutes from my house, and spanned four hours, three counties, and finally ended out near Weatherford, TX. Related to this: Rant 1: This was probably the third vehicle he'd hijacked that day. How could he have hijacked two other vehicles and NOT been seen by a member of the public or the law and been allowed to even GET to the big rig hijacking. Has the public level of apathy sunk so low? Is it that we just don't want to get involved? Rant 2: During the portion of the chase that went through the southern portions of Dallas, there were hundreds of people stopped on the side of the road and on bridges, out of their cars, causing traffic delays and endangering themselves and others that were rooting for the car-jacker. One of these yahoos was interviewed and I quote "I was excited. I heard that they were shooting at him, so I wanted to get out and see bullets flying, man. You know?" one bystander said. What the HELL!?!? Get some damn sense people! This is funny? This is smart? This is cool? Secondly, I received an envelope in the mail full of paperwork. For Zed's first year in Junior High. I dread the begininning of the school year and all the paperwork that has to be filled out. You fill out 10 of the same forms, over and over again, and you have to do it every year. I think some of them are the same form and go to the same place, they're just on different colored pieces of paper. You get writers cramp, and then you find more forms! Insurance forms, volunteer forms, PTA forms, band forms, forms, forms, forms! I hate paper. Someone needs to figure out a better system. Thirdly, when you're a female, and you get married and you want to change your name, it's a complete pain in the butt. First it's the social, then it's the drivers license, then it's the bank accounts, the credit cards, the frequent whatever accounts, and even your work email address. Seven months in and I'm still not done. Someone needs to figure out a better system. Love ya'll! Mean it!
Update: The DMV sucks. Don't ever try to go at lunch, because they send all their whatever they ares to lunch at the same time. And people pack in, and then when they come back from lunch, there are only two whatever they ares to actually help people. And then you sit for an hour and a half, only to leave when they are 13 numbers away from yours because you have a meeting in twenty minutes and you still haven't eaten lunch. So you stop at a crappy fast food restaurant on the way back to work, throwing money at the drive-thru person and speeding away. Oh, and then you come back to work to find that your meeting is an hour later than when you thought it was.

Friday Night Surprise

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Friday evening didn't go as planned. Originally the agenda was dinner with a co-worker and my old boss, celebrating my boss' move to another group. That was to be followed by attending my first-ever drag show. Sadly, both were cancelled. My plans then turned to poker. I found a couple of games that I could go to. Nick had originally planned to go see the new Clerks 2 (I still haven't figured that out). When I notified Nick of the change in plans, he offered for us to do something together. Sure! There's no one I like spending time with more than him. Little did I know. When I asked a bit later what our plans would be, he said "It's a surprise." If I were a cat, I would be dead. Look up curious in Webster's, and there I am. Once someone tells me there's a surprise for me, rather than enjoying it, I try to figure out what it is. This is a bad trait, I know. I proceed to guess, and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I know that I have to pack a bag because we're staying somewhere overnight. So it's a hotel. Check that. We will be eating dinner. Check that. But where??? At home, I'm rushing to pack and Nick arrives and says to relax. There's no timetable. So we putter around at bit before heading out. He does tell me our destination before we leave, primarily I think because he didn't know how to get there. We're going to the Gaylord Texan! I've never been there before.
We drive out to Grapevine and decide to eat dinner at Love & War in Texas. Their food is great. I got The Hunt, Texas for dinner, which included antelope, venison sausage and quail. The antelope was good. Not as good as I've had before, but still tasty. The quail was yummy too. But the venison sausage was divine. Best venison sausage I've ever had. We got to the hotel, and I was shocked by it's size. I dropped Nick off with the bag at the front and then I went to park. When I walked in, the place was gorgeous. The atrium area was so large and beautiful. I started to get a bit giddy walking through to the elevators.
Our room was on the ninth floor. After a bit of trouble with the door lock, we made it into the room. I was hit with with an unexpected surprise. The bed was covered with yellow rose petals. A half-dozen yellow roses and two champagne glasses were on the desk. The radio was on, and, purely out of coincidence, remember the music from Pretty Woman when Edward is hanging out of the limo coming to rescue Vivian?, yes, that was playing on the radio. I cried. It was the most beautiful, most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me. I was overwhelmed. The champagne was delicious. The strawberries were divine. My husband is amazing.
We wandered down to the Texan Station where we could smoke cigars and watched some TV on the giant flat screen that took up an entire wall. I'm not joking. It's a 52 foot "wall of sports". I had a couple of glasses of Frangelico, and puffed on a baby Kahlua cigar, and Nick enjoyed his more manly cigar and a robust cup of coffee.
The next morning we had breakfast in bed. Eggs, pancakes, sausage, toast, coffee and juice. There were complimentary robes in the room (which we got to keep!) that were very comfy. A free newspaper and coffee helped us to relax before we had to check out. It was a brief stay, and next time we'll explore more of the things that the Gaylord has to show. But you know, a guy does all that, and you've got to spend time enjoying the benefts of being married to him. If ya know what I mean. Wink, Wink.

Design Dilemma

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nick and I had a 20% off coupon to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and we needed a new laundry hamper to finish off the re-organization of our bedroom. So, we wondered around the store last night, and came across these. I thought they were pretty cool, and Nick loved them. We're in need of a new coffee table. Ours is circa 1970 and actually a remnant of the Ex's grandmother's residence in our home. So, the ottomans above would 1) look more modern, 2) provide storage and 3) provide additional seating at parties. Thing is, we got them home, and they look awful. Maybe it's our couch or the rest of the furniture we have, but they just don't go. They're not big enough either. Bummber. We bought a rug too, but it doesn't go either. So, back to the store they go. Now I'm on the hunt for a coffee table. And a rug. Shopping, here I come.

And I swam!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Elle and Zed went on a field trip yesterday to our local Mega Water Park. There are a few smaller water parks geared more for families, where I think I would have felt a little more comfortable that they were going. But nooooo. They had to go to the Mega Water Park. Zed's a good swimmer. I don't have to worry about him as much. But, despite summer after summer, Elle is still a bit trepidacious in the water. At her end-of-year soccer pool party, she was jumping off the diving board with a pool noodle. Wouldn't jump without it though. So, of course, when I hear that they're going to Mega Water Park, I immediately start to panic on the inside. So many people, so many kids, so much water. And Elle clinging to a pool noodle. I took them swimming over the weekend, and felt better, as Elle's been spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, and seemed to have a better grasp on swimming. Last night I picked them up from their daycamp, and they were both on one piece. At dinner, I asked: Me: So, what was your favorite ride? Elle: The Black Hole was scary! Me Thinking: That one has rafts. Whew. Elle: The Twister was fun too. Me Thinking: Also has rafts. Whew! Then she said it. Elle: But the best one was the blue chutes. You go really really fast and I landed in 12 foot water! My heart skipped a beat. My face went pale. I knew exactly the blue chutes of which she was speaking. They do indeed go fast, and you do indeed land in very deep water. Elle: And I swam! Me: Well I should hope so! Evidently, she also went down the chute that was closest to the ladder, and her group leader went down the chute next to her at the same time. But still! Like I said, Zed swims fine. It's Elle I worry about. She's actually using arms and legs when she swims under water, and she can sort of free-style swim, and her back float is much better than last summer. But she still can't tread water, and she does start to panic from time to time and then all her abilities go out the window. Deep down I knew she would be fine. But it was the panic-er in me that freaked out. What if something happened? I won't be there to watch her! And of course, no one can watch my kids as good as I do. I'm overprotective. I know it. I need to let go and let them spread their wings. But it's so hard.

The Lost Suit

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Elle and Zed spent Friday night with the Ex's aunt. Then, we picked them up Saturday morning. Their clothes didn't leave their suitcases. Hey, his month...his laundry. When she was getting ready for soccer, Elle pulled out her swim suit from her dad's house, and showed it to me. Uh huh. That's pretty. Now put it back so you don't lose it. Sunday...kids go back to their dad's. Monday... Tuesday... Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Hey, I just wanted to remind you that Elle has soccer practice today at 6. The Ex: OK. Oh hey. Did Elle leave her swim suit at your house? We can't find it and they're supposed to go to Mega Water Park tomorrow. Me: Not that I know of. She showed it to me on Saturday, but put it right back in her suitcase. The Ex: Well, we've looked all over my place and we can't find it. Me: Well, I'll look when I get home, but we didn't take anything out of the suitcase we didn't put back in. End Call. Later, I got an email that due to the broiling temperatures, soccer practice was cancelled. Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Elle's practice was cancelled. The Ex: OK, thanks for letting me know. Me: Did you find her swim suit? The Ex: No, not yet. End Call. I called Nick on my way home. Ring Ring! Nick: Hey baby. What's up? Me: Oh hey, you're home already. Would you look in Elle's room for her swim suit? The Ex can't find it. Nick: Sure, no problem. End Call. I arrive home. Nick: Hey darlin'. Sound of smacking-knock-you-off-your-feet-welcome-home-kiss Me: Feeling light-headed Well hello to you too. Did you find Elle's suit? Nick: Nope. Looked in her room and in the laundry. I didn't see it. Ring Ring! The Ex: Hello? Me: Hey, we looked for Elle's suit but couldn't find it. The Ex: OK. Well, I forgot to look in her suitcase, but if I can't find it, I'll go to Wal-Mart and get her one. Me: You didn't even look in her suitcase after I mentioned twice that I saw it in there over the weekend? The Ex: I forgot. Me: Major sigh OK. Tell the kids I love them. End Call. He didn't even look in the suitcase!

I Feel Whiney

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And it has nothing to do with the 3/4 bottle of wine I drank last night. For $6.99 a bottle, it wasn't too bad. Nick thought it was a little dry, but it went well with the rib-eyes I grilled. Yes, I grilled, in the 100+ degree heat. It's not like I had to stand over the flame-pit for more than two minutes at a time though. So it wasn't all bad. But, I'm feeling whiney because of the heat. I live in Texas. I should be used to this. But there's no reason it should be this damn hot! We didn't get much of a winter this year, so I'm feeling like last summer never ended. Caught in the perpetual summer. That's us Texans. This week's forecast, like most of the country, shows numbers all above 100. Until Friday. And on Friday it will be a downright-chilly 97. Better break out the parka. My electric bill for the month is $230. Not bad you say? I have a small house. One level. But Nick keeps the thermostat set at 65. His sexy hairiness also leads to him being extremely sensitive to heat. So, I would normally whine and say I want to live somewhere like New England where it doesn't get hot in the summer, but I understand it's fairly warm there too. Let's see...in Helena, Montana, today's heat-wave high is 93. I wonder if I could deal with that?